Pet Peeves of Oakland University Students

Like nails on a chalkboard, pet peeves grate against nerves. We’ve all got them. Pet peeves common to Oakland University are when people chew with their mouths open, poor grammar use, and not listening. Oakland University alum Alana Yuhn is a self-proclaimed “grammar Nazi.” Journalism student Rosie Stricker shares the sentiment.

“My pet peeve is people that use improper grammar and spelling,” said Stricker. “Especially you’re and yours and there, their, and they’re. It irritates the crap out me.” Stricker also mentioned people that walk slow on campus as a secondary pet peeve.

Breanna Coleman had so many pet peeves, she had to pause to think which bothered her the most.

“I have a lot,” said Coleman, whose pet peeve is having to repeat herself. “It’s tough to just think of one.” Once she’s said something the first time, she does not want to say it again.

Oakland University student Kelly Halloran felt similarly. She doesn’t like when people ask her advice, but don’t follow her instructions.

“It’s kind of a waste of time,” said Halloran, who is frustrated when advice is not followed repeatedly.

Dealing with pet peeves is as easy as ignoring the trigger in many cases, though it is often easier than it sounds. Some students, like Jorge Garcia, will ask people to stop chewing with their mouths open, while others, like Jon Ngoyi, just try to ignore the obnoxious chewing.

Whether cringing in agony, or confronting in anger, we must each cope with our pet peeves. But knowing we’re not alone may take the edge off the irritation.


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