Academic Plan of Study


COM 201: Public Speaking

COM 202: Group Dynamics and Communication

COM 287: Media and Social Identity

COM 303: Theories of Communication

COM 305: Interpersonal Communication

COM 385: Multicultural Communication

COM 389: Hip-Hop, Race and the City

COM 399: Community Field Experience

COM 114: Intro to American Sign Language

COM 115: American Sign Language

COM 214: American Sign Language III


JRN 200: Newswriting

JRN 300: Media Editing

JRN 312: Feature Writing

JRN 331: Digital News Photography

JRN 350: Intro to Public Relations

JRN 353: Public Relations and the News

JRN 402: Ethical Issues in the Media

JRN 403: Media Law

JRN 404: Journalism Internship

JRN 411: Convergence Journalism

JRN 480: News Bureau

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