Because ties are classy

Cousino High School sophomore Dylan Kopacki loves to swim, play video games and hang out with his friends. While he can often be seen in beat up Nike sneakers, sweat pants, and a hoodie emblazoned with the University of Michigan logo, he also likes to dress up.

Kopacki pairs a teal, black, blue, or purple dress shirt with a well-matched tie and dress shoes and slacks.

“I just like the way I look.” said Kopacki, “I look classy when I dress up.”

Looking classy is not something most sixteen-year-old boys are concerned with. Kopacki has mastered tying the basic knot, as well as the Windsor and the Eldridge knots because he feels that a basic knot looks sloppy, and that a symmetrical tie is more attractive.

When dressing up, he digs through his tie collection, which consists of three blue, one teal, one purple, two pink, and a green and navy blue striped tie. Sometimes, for just the right look, he borrows a tie from his father.

“I just like experimenting with new combinations.” said Kopacki, “It’s kind of fun.”

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